Gallery: Rhye + LOONY


Rhye is an artists that isn’t too unfamiliar with the Calgary folk and indie scene. Many people in attendance have witnessed the artist at different events such as the Folk Festival that takes place here in July. People found a spot comfortably on the main level of the Palace Theatre, being sure to grab a drink before the beginning of the set so that they would be good to go for the whole of the two performances.

The first to play was Scarborough’s LOONY, a singer-song writer with a strong R&B presence to her music. Her vocals are captivating, and while she performed you could hear both her raw talent as well as the layers of harmonies that were laced into the performance. You can check out a bit more about her in our upcoming volume (due November 15th).

Rhye commanded the whole room, bringing it to silence as he performed. He would sway about, conduct the audience, in a way, and then jump from singing, playing on the keys and then a small drum kit at the front of the stage. A full band backed him up throughout the show, but it didn’t stop him from jumping into the instruments from time to time. The whole night was beautiful and felt classic. Loony had perfectly coupled with Rhye, and Rhye put on a true performance for everyone in the room.