Gallery: Death From Above


Although it’s been a few years since Death From Above returned from their hiatus, there are still handfuls of people who haven’t been able to see them and enjoy them in their rhythmic glory. Just two people on a stage, filling the room with harmonizing noise. They are able to make their instruments sound huge. The Palace Theatre was full all around with people watching over the balcony and pressed up to the barricade. Luckily for those who are a little on the shorter side, there was two sections of steps to be able to truly experience what was going on with the two performers on stage.

By the fourth song their drummer, Sebastian, came out from behind his kit and grabbed the other microphone to get closer to the crowd before jumping back down to his throne and started drumming again. It’s amazing to watch the energy of this two piece push, performing new songs as well as classic ones for their longest time fans.